5 Reasons Why Employee Uniforms Should Include Outdoor Jackets

1. Professional Appearance Providing team members with attractive, quality jackets gives your crew a crisp, clean, professional look, a benefit that helps you put your best foot forward with customers, prospects, and vendors. Without proper uniform outerwear, employees will either suffer the effects of weather and its consequences or don their own personal jackets as […]

Why Your Shop Needs an Automotive Workwear Service

Is it time to make the switch to a better way of handling your automotive workwear? The grease-stained, weather-worn coverall has long been the iconic look for automotive shop employees and it’s impossible to imagine the industry without them. But while the uniforms are indispensable, the hassle and excess cost that come with their care […]

8 Ways Your Business can Go Green for the Holidays

As the holidays approach and excitement brews in your office, people often wonder how much waste is produced during the season? Thinking of the energy required to power all of those twinkling lights, the paper gone to waste as it’s ripped off gift packages, and all the food thrown in the trash when there are […]

6 Reasons to Trust Dempsey With Your Linens and Uniforms

Finding the right linen service partner is essential to the success and growth of your business and Dempsey has everything you need! Here are 6 reasons to trust Dempsey with your linens and uniforms… Dempsey has a long and reputable industry history. We may have started in 1959 but our industry experience – and the […]

How to Check Fabric Quality

When it comes to renting garments and linens, the quality of the fabric matters. Everything from the durability of the garments to how they look depends on the integrity of that fabric. In short, your garments and linens are only as good as what they are made of. But, exactly how can you tell when […]

4 Types of Business Outsourcing that Save Time and Money

One of two possible experiences may be fairly common for your business: You and your employees are constantly busy and multi-tasking, yet your productivity is decreasing. You’ve hired extra hands to solve the above problem, but they are often caught twiddling their thumbs because there’s not that much work for them to actually do and […]

Keeping Uniforms Clean Throughout a Shift

Work uniforms are a worthy investment. They are a great marketing tool, they’re functional, and they make your business look great to your customers. With this much value attached, it is no surprise many businesses rely on professional uniform laundry service providers to keep these garments looking fresh and clean. Unfortunately, many things can ruin your […]

7 Tips: How to Keep Employees Cool in the Summer

Cater to your employees’ needs by taking extra steps to provide them with a cool and comfortable work environment. We all know summers can be brutal and some employees may find it hard to stay cool. These 7 tips will help keep them from burning up: 1. Adjusting Uniforms Adjust your employees’ uniforms. If you normally […]

Tips to Prevent Cross-Contamination in Restaurant Kitchens

When a customer walks through the doors of your restaurant, they come with a set of expectations. And these expectations exist for good reason – they expect the food you serve at your restaurant to be clean and safe to eat. If it’s not, they can get extremely ill and could even face life-threatening consequences. […]

Dempsey Achieves Hygienically Clean Certification

The Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) has announced that Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply has achieved certification in the Hygienically Clean Certification Program. Hygienically Clean Certification recognizes a company’s commitment to cleanliness through third-party biological testing and inspection. A growing number of businesses are highly conscientious about the sanitation of their work practices and processes. […]

Ways Our Commercial Laundry Helps Your Company Go Green

When you think about a green business, a commercial laundry might not come to mind. Commercial laundries use massive quantities of water and energy, and contaminate the air by driving vehicles to pick up and drop off supplies. Not this commercial laundry. Sure, at Dempsey, we use water and energy to get the job done. […]

3 Ways to Build Perfect Holiday Work Uniforms

With the holidays approaching, you’re probably trying to figure out how to decorate your business. You don’t have to go over the top to make an impression. While the appearance of your business is important, customer satisfaction lies most deeply in one’s experience with the staff. So, focus on adjusting your employee uniforms to look […]

How to Properly Care for Your Company’s Uniforms

Uniforms don’t last forever, but there are many simple ways to keep them looking vibrant and new for as long as possible. Better care means your uniforms will last long enough to give you the most out of your uniform investment before you need to spend again on a replacement. Plus, you’ll always look your […]

Why Uniforms Make Companies Appear More Professional

Uniforms play a vital role in daily business operations. They’re not only beneficial to a business but for its employees as well, providing a variety of advantages that help make your business appear more professional. Some of these include creating an attractive brand image, fostering team spirit, acting as free advertising, and protecting employees. By […]

Perfect Fit Uniforms are Important for Industrial Companies

Uniforms are vital for any business. This is due to the appearance of professionalism and enhanced sense of safety that comes along with renting high quality uniforms for a company’s staff. Uniforms brand a company’s image and prove to customers and visitors that employees are of the highest quality and that there’s value in the […]

Complete Commercial Laundry Services for All Industries

At Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, we offer professional commercial laundry service and uniform rentals for a wide variety of businesses with varying needs. We supply and launder medical linen and restaurant linen, and offer uniform rentals for all types of industries. Don’t waste your time and money by hiring a dedicated employee to manage […]

Red Kap Awards Dempsey Premier Distributor Designation

Red Kap, the leading manufacturer of quality workwear for the uniform rental industry, awarded Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply the designation of “Premier Distributor.” The designation recognizes the significant volume Dempsey purchases from Red Kap. “Thank you for your loyalty to Red Kap,” said Stuart Jackson, Regional Sales Director, as he presented Dempsey with a […]

Dempsey Success Story Featured in Marcellus Panel Discussion

Mark Lewis, Corporate Sales Manager of Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, participated in a panel discussion that focused on local success stories in the Marcellus Shale region. Lewis explained how Dempsey Uniform, supplier of flame resistant (FR) work shirts, work pants, and coveralls, has helped businesses protect their employees and comply with safety regulations. The […]