to avoid common service problems and ensure customer satisfaction.

Technology Creates Seamless Service

The customer is at the center of Dempsey’s focus on operational excellence. First, we invested in technology that allows us to provide the basic services that matter most to our customers: delivering the right uniforms back to each wearer; delivering complete orders with each linen delivery; delivering on the right day and time, and providing access to live customer service. This commitment paved the way for more innovative changes that provide even greater benefits to our customers: in-plant repair and replacement enables us to provide higher quality uniforms; high-tech stain detection and pressing ensure higher quality linens, and our online customer portal provides program insights and cost control.

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply’s $18 million commercial laundry facility has received national recognition for its state-of-the-art processing systems. We were the first company in our market to employ many cutting-edge technologies, including: barcode garment tracking, handheld computers, electronic linen tracking, RFID uniform inventory tracking, automated garment sortation, RFID linen inventory tracking, and, most recently, Mobics Artificial Intelligence for linen stain detection and sorting. We invite prospective customers to see our technology in action and Request a Plant Tour below.

Technology Checklist

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Professional ServicesDempseyThe Others
SmartScan™ RFID Uniform Tracking Systemcheckmarkquestionmark
VacuTrack™ Electronic Linen Tracking checkmarkquestionmark
PowerTrans™ Hygienic Tunnel Washingcheckmarkquestionmark
Mobics AI Scanner™ Linen Stain Detectioncheckmarkquestionmark
ProductPlus™ Linen Inspection Systemcheckmarkquestionmark
JenView™ Uniform Inspection Touchscreenscheckmarkquestionmark
RedKap™ Single Source Suppliercheckmarkquestionmark
SilverSaver™ Flatwork Recoverycheckmarkquestionmark
CIS™ Customer Portalcheckmarkquestionmark
PricingPact™ Pricing Guaranteecheckmarkquestionmark

Dempsey Uniform is a highly respected industry leader.

Dempsey respected by industry leaders
Dempsey Respected By Industry Leaders