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Work Apparel and Industrial Uniforms with Laundry Service


Choose Dempsey and enjoy three unique benefits:

Highest Quality Products

Does your team wear uniforms that properly reflect and enhance your brand image? Or are they faded, worn, or torn?

At Dempsey, we leverage technologies, like our Certified Single-Source Supplier™, PalmPC™ and JenView™ systems, to provide quality products that improve your company image. We start with well-known RedKap brand uniforms, clean them with the most advanced equipment in our Certified Hygienically Clean laundry facility, and use interactive touch screens to ensure meticulous inspection.

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Most Reliable Deliveries

We understand how uniform shortages frustrate employees and waste valuable management time.

At Dempsey, we leverage technologies, like our SmartScan™ and PalmPC™ systems, to ensure complete and accurate deliveries of all the garments that comprise each individual’s uniforms. Our Automatic Garment Sortation System utilizes small RFID chips, embedded in each uniform, to eliminate human sorting errors and return thousands of uniforms to the correct employees.

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Lowest Total Cost

We know uniform invoices can be confusing. After all, how can you tell if an extra charge is legitimate or if a team member really lost his uniform?

At Dempsey, we leverage CustomerPortal™ technology and our PricingPact™ guarantee to create a program that fits your budget and stays there. Helpful online tools ensure billing transparency and, since your route rep is paid hourly instead of on commission, he’s able to keep your best interests in mind at all times.

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York, PA Businesses trust Dempsey.

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is a top-rated uniform rental company and an approved COSTARS supplier. A full-service solution, we offer commercial laundry service for uniforms, work shirts, work pants, workwear, towels, and more. Uniformed employees and third-party contractors make your company appear more professional in the office, in the factory, on location, and on the road. Depend on Dempsey for HVAC uniforms, uniforms for gas/oil employees, uniforms for service consultants, uniforms for service technicians, uniforms for plumbers and electricians, uniforms for maintenance workers, and uniform laundry services.

Dempsey’s experienced team members handle your orders efficiently and reliably inside our $18 million commercial laundry facility, recognized nationally for its state-of-the art processing systems. Integration of cutting-edge technology helps us solve problems companies typically experience with other uniform suppliers. With Dempsey as your partner, you can concentrate on your business while our uniform rental and laundry service runs seamlessly in the background.

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Familiy Owned Business


We’ll treat you like one of the family.

Technology focused


Our Technology = Seamless Service

Excellent Reputation


Our excellent reputation is earned.

Dempsey Uniform is a highly respected industry leader.

Dempsey respected by industry leaders
Dempsey Respected By Industry Leaders

For Generations, York, Pennsylvania, has been Home to Innovators, Designers, Builders, Makers, and Tastemakers

If asked, many Americans would happily talk about their fondness for York Peppermint Patties, originated by Henry Kessler’s York Cone Company in 1940 and only distributed regionally at the time. After the company was acquired by Peter Paul in 1972, the enrobed confection was introduced to and embraced by all of America. Now a member of the Hershey family, York Peppermint Patties still fly off grocers’ shelves.

Anyone who frequents a health club or gym equipped with steel plate barbell weights has probably seen the name “York” molded right into the metal. York Barbell got its start back in 1932, when Bob Hoffman purchased the Milo Barbell Company. Hoffman, who would be eventually recognized as the Father of World Weightlifting, sponsored tournaments, trained Olympians, and leveraged healthy lifestyle trends to grow the organization into a fitness equipment powerhouse. Today, the corporate office houses the official Weightlifting Hall of Fame and Museum. Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply provides towel services, uniform rentals, and facility supplies to gyms, spas, hotels, service organizations, and manufacturers in the York region, including Kenworth of PA, Precision Machinery Systems, and Thornton Chevrolet.

From 1905 to 1917, York was home to Pullman automobiles – a brand not at all associated with the famous Pullman Coach cars of the golden age of railroad travel. Car buffs often get a kick out of this trivia gem: Pullman once manufactured a 6-wheeled model (that, sadly, was less than successful). After its debacle, a more conventional, 4-wheeled model was driven to San Francisco and back to demonstrate its dependability.

Although the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company is headquartered in Milwaukee, it owns a large manufacturing facility located just outside York. Workers at the high-production factory make finished machines – like their distinctive trike model – and parts: frames, fenders, and gas tanks. The York factory offers popular tours in both “Classic” and “Steel Toe” versions.

Anyone who’s ever bought or received wedding gifts is likely familiar with the name Pfaltzgraff, launched in 1894 by the brothers Pfaltzgraff. Today, the dinnerware empire includes their famous stoneware, glassware, flatware, and a myriad of cooking tools.

Ever heard of Stauffer’s Biscuit Company? If the name doesn’t ring a bell, their signature product will. Stauffer’s has been making their famous Animal Crackers since 1871. The crackers come in 13 shapes that delight children and adults alike: bear, buffalo, camel, cat, cow, donkey, elephant, goat, hippo, horse, lion, rhino, and tiger. When, in 1888, the York Fair moved its location to West York, D.F. Stauffer, founder of D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Co. (the company’s original name), was one of the first vendors, selling pretzels and snacks.