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Medical Uniforms, Gowns, and Sheets with Laundry Services


Choose Dempsey and enjoy three unique benefits:

Highest Laundry Certification

Do you know who, if anyone, inspects your current laundry supplier to evaluate and ensure sanitary conditions?

At Dempsey, to support your infection control program, we’ve committed to the highest level of certification, Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification by TRSA™. It’s the only laundry program that requires third-party bacteriological testing of linen cleanliness. We earn continued certification through quarterly testing of our products and processes, providing Dempsey customers with proof of compliance and peace of mind.

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Highest Quality Products

We know your nursing staff gets frustrated when they waste valuable time searching for clean linens or, even worse, when a patient finds a stained gown first.

At Dempsey, we leverage technology, like our ProductPlus™ program, to provide quality products that improve your patient experience. We start with well-known Medline scrubs, gowns and sheets, process them with the most advanced laundry equipment, and inspect them with the most tenured team in the business. Each package of linen will be clean and usable, saving you time and money.

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Lowest Total Cost

We know linen invoices can be confusing. After all, how can you control the cost when you don’t even know how many linens you are using?

At Dempsey, we leverage technologies, like our VacuTrack™ and CustomerPortal systems, to provide transparent billing that helps you reduce your linen supply cost per case. We accurately track the soiled linens you turn in - and let you view those numbers in your online Customer Portal - then, we only bill you based on your usage.

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Frederick, MD Healthcare Practices trust Dempsey.

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is a top-rated medical linen service and medical uniform rental company. We offer commercial laundry service for healthcare linen, spa linen, medical gowns, towel rentals and scrubs. We specialize in medical linen services for outpatient centers and clinics.

Dempsey's $18 million commercial laundry facility has received national recognition for its state-of-the art processing systems. From fresh, clean healthcare linens to stylish medical uniforms, healthcare facilities have never looked so good! Plus, practice managers are able to control their linen program and its costs like never before.

With Dempsey, you'll be able to concentrate on your patients while our service runs seamlessly in the background. Your medical linens will be clean and crisp. Your infection control program will be supported by our Hygienically Clean Certification. And, your billing will be based on your usage. Our innovative use of technology solves problems that healthcare providers have come to expect from other linen suppliers.

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MEDtegrity Medical Laundry Network

Dempsey Uniform is an equity member of MEDtegrity.

The largest network of accredited laundry facilities, MEDtegrity provides medical centers across America with medical linen services that meet the highest standards for quality and infection control.

GPO members can leverage their collective buying power.

MEDtegrity contracts with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) to help healthcare providers like hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, and outpatient centers realize cost savings and workflow efficiencies.

National Accounts benefit from local service providers.

MEDtegrity contracts with large networks, joint ventures, and partnerships to provide national agreements that are serviced by locally-owned medical uniform and medical linen suppliers like Dempsey.

Frederick, Maryland, has a Small Town Vibe and Big City Medicine

The history of medical care in Frederick is rooted in a crisis of necessity that reared its head during the American Civil War, fought on U.S. soil from 1861 to 1865. According to documentation preserved in the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, located on East Patrick Street, the city hosted several hospitals during the conflict in which to nurse the wounded.

Today, the museum serves as the site of the Bettie Delaplaine Research Center. The late Elizabeth B. “Bettie” Delaplaine was a community activist, a patron of the arts, and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution whose prominent Frederick family has supported the Museum since it first opened its doors. Prospective visitors are encouraged to make an appointment in advance to gain access to the Center’s collection of hundreds of books and extensive resources related to Civil War medicine.

During the last 25 years, Frederick has experienced explosive growth, with its population expanding by more than 40%. Understandably, medical facilities in the city have made great strides toward meeting the growing demand while improving patient care. Frederick Memorial Hospital has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, and, for achieving excellence in performance on accountability measures, it was also named by the Joint Commission as a 2012 Top Performer on Key Quality Measures®. FMH is now part of the vast Frederick Regional Health Services Network, providing treatment in the areas of orthopedics, maternity, cardiac, and diabetes, as well as cancer care through the James M. Stockman Cancer Institute. Monocacy Health Partners, affiliated with Frederick Regional Health Services, offers numerous practices that focus on breast care, dentistry, thyroid and endocrine function, urology, surgical specialties, wound and hyperbaric care, and other areas of concern.

To improve efficiencies, control costs, and ensure compliance with a host of ever-evolving government regulations, a variety of healthcare organizations in and around Frederick – including Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, the Court Endoscopy Center, and Cardiovascular Specialists of Frederick – rent medical uniforms and medical linens through Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply. In recognition of our commitment to cleanliness through third-party, quantified biological testing and inspection, Dempsey is certified as a Hygienically Clean Healthcare Laundry by the Textile Rental Services Association.

Several of Frederick’s most significant employers are primarily geared towards medical research, the largest of which is Fort Detrick. This medical research facility, run by the U.S. Army, houses the United States Biological Defense Program, an inter-agency organization that monitors and helps prevent the spread of natural disease outbreaks. Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research works to find cures for cancer, AIDS, and other infectious diseases. The Riverside Research Park, a sizeable biomedical center developing on the East side of Frederick, is a growing source of excellent employment opportunities. Outside the field of medical research, but still a notable employer in the region, the Maryland School for the Deaf provides free public education to deaf and hard-of-hearing Maryland residents up to 21 years old.

The Riverside Research Park, a sizeable biomedical center developing on the East side of Frederick, is a growing source of excellent employment opportunities. Outside the field of medical research, but still a notable employer in the region, the Maryland School for the Deaf provides free public education to deaf and hard-of-hearing Maryland residents up to 21 years old.