8 Ways Your Business can Go Green for the Holidays

As the holidays approach and excitement brews in your office, people often wonder how much waste is produced during the season? Thinking of the energy required to power all of those twinkling lights, the paper gone to waste as it’s ripped off gift packages, and all the food thrown in the trash when there are […]

6 Reasons to Trust Dempsey With Your Linens and Uniforms

Finding the right linen service partner is essential to the success and growth of your business and Dempsey has everything you need! Here are 6 reasons to trust Dempsey with your linens and uniforms… Dempsey has a long and reputable industry history. We may have started in 1959 but our industry experience – and the […]

How to Check Fabric Quality

When it comes to renting garments and linens, the quality of the fabric matters. Everything from the durability of the garments to how they look depends on the integrity of that fabric. In short, your garments and linens are only as good as what they are made of. But, exactly how can you tell when […]

4 Types of Business Outsourcing that Save Time and Money

One of two possible experiences may be fairly common for your business: You and your employees are constantly busy and multi-tasking, yet your productivity is decreasing. You’ve hired extra hands to solve the above problem, but they are often caught twiddling their thumbs because there’s not that much work for them to actually do and […]

Keeping Uniforms Clean Throughout a Shift

Work uniforms are a worthy investment. They are a great marketing tool, they’re functional, and they make your business look great to your customers. With this much value attached, it is no surprise many businesses rely on professional uniform laundry service providers to keep these garments looking fresh and clean. Unfortunately, many things can ruin your […]

Tips to Prevent Cross-Contamination in Restaurant Kitchens

When a customer walks through the doors of your restaurant, they come with a set of expectations. And these expectations exist for good reason – they expect the food you serve at your restaurant to be clean and safe to eat. If it’s not, they can get extremely ill and could even face life-threatening consequences. […]

5 Restaurant Technologies to Improve Efficiency and Service

While it’d be nice to think that when guests come to a restaurant, they’re simply looking for delicious food, this is often not the case. Especially in today’s world of remarkable technology, busy work schedules, and the need for quick food services, creating a vibrant dining experience with advanced and efficient technology is expected of […]

Ways Our Commercial Laundry Helps Your Company Go Green

When you think about a green business, a commercial laundry might not come to mind. Commercial laundries use massive quantities of water and energy, and contaminate the air by driving vehicles to pick up and drop off supplies. Not this commercial laundry. Sure, at Dempsey, we use water and energy to get the job done. […]

Why are Microfiber Towels Better for Cleaning?

Microfiber is no new invention – you’ve probably heard about the wide variety of products offered in this material: microfiber towels, mops, and even bed sheets. With the vast array of products available in a huge variety of materials, are you left questioning the difference between microfiber cloth and its cotton counterparts? Which material is […]

Does Laundry Certification Matter? Yes…since 1935.

Where does my laundry go? How clean is the laundry facility? Will my uniforms and linens be hygienically cleaned? Customers have asked the Dempsey family these questions for more than 75 years. The easiest way to allay these concerns for our customers is with third party laundry certification. Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is one […]

Dempsey Achieves Hygienically Clean Food Service Certification

The Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) recently announced that Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply has achieved certification in the Hygienically Clean Food Service Certification Program. The program is considered the industry standard for producing hygienically clean reusable textiles for use in the food service industry. Hygienically Clean Food Service Certification recognizes Dempsey’s commitment to cleanliness […]

Restaurant Linen Services vs. In-House Restaurant Laundry

In your restaurant, the dining experience says it all. Customers judge a restaurant highly on how well they feel they were treated. The atmosphere, customer service, and quality of linens are some of the requirements customers take into consideration when deciding whether or not they will be returning to your restaurant. Providing your customers with […]

Organic, Inorganic, Non-GMO… What Does It All Mean?

The terms organic, grass-fed, and non-GMO are all becoming quite popular in the restaurant industry, with very few explanations. Many individuals see these words associated with menu items and purchase them without a second thought. But what do these terms actually mean? Here are some definitions: Organic: Grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, […]

Dempsey Highlighted in The Washington Post

In June 2015, Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply was mentioned in The Washington Post, in an article titled, “Why are so many restaurants giving me napkins that don’t work?”

Dempsey Leads Discussion on Hygienically Clean Standard

At the March 10th, 2016, ARTA Conference in Orlando, Florida, Mark Lewis, Corporate Sales Manager for Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, teamed up with TRSA consultant and George Washington University instructor David Goldsmith, Ph.D. to discuss the Hygienically Clean Food Service Certification program. Goldsmith and Lewis outlined the advantages of the Hygienically Clean program for […]

5 Ways to Punch Up Your Dining Room

A new year is a perfect time to make some subtle – or dramatic – changes to your restaurant. When it’s time to transition away from the holiday centerpieces and special menu items you’ve added for the season, why not introduce your patrons to the “new you” with a dining room redesign or just a […]

How to Choose the Right Linens for Your Restaurant

Choosing restaurant linens can be very challenging. Restaurants should consider a lot of key factors, and more importantly, get help from our industry professionals. Whomever said opening a restaurant was easy has probably never opened anything other than a restaurant door. The food business has got to be one of the most difficult, demanding, and […]

Could Your Restaurant Pass Inspection Today?

Focus on cleanliness and good hygiene practices to prep your restaurant for an A+ grade! Heading up a restaurant means there’s an endless list of things you need to prepare for each and every day. In the hustle and bustle of the daily lunch rush or the late-night crowd, it’s easy to push one of […]

Is It Time to Switch to Cloth Napkins?

There’s no stopping a change in the season. Are you ready? If you’re looking for a healthy, cost-effective change to make at your restaurant, consider changing from paper napkins to cloth. If you haven’t made the switch yet, there are plenty of reasons why you should. They’re cheaper. Studies have shown  the average diner uses […]