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Medical Uniforms, Gowns, and Sheets with Laundry Services


Choose Dempsey and enjoy three unique benefits:

Highest Laundry Certification

Do you know who, if anyone, inspects your current laundry supplier to evaluate and ensure sanitary conditions?

At Dempsey, to support your infection control program, we’ve committed to the highest level of certification, Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification by TRSA™. It’s the only laundry program that requires third-party bacteriological testing of linen cleanliness. We earn continued certification through quarterly testing of our products and processes, providing Dempsey customers with proof of compliance and peace of mind.

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Highest Quality Products

We know your nursing staff gets frustrated when they waste valuable time searching for clean linens or, even worse, when a patient finds a stained gown first.

At Dempsey, we leverage technology, like our ProductPlus™ program, to provide quality products that improve your patient experience. We start with well-known Medline scrubs, gowns and sheets, process them with the most advanced laundry equipment, and inspect them with the most tenured team in the business. Each package of linen will be clean and usable, saving you time and money.

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Lowest Total Cost

We know linen invoices can be confusing. After all, how can you control the cost when you don’t even know how many linens you are using?

At Dempsey, we leverage technologies, like our VacuTrack™ and CustomerPortal systems, to provide transparent billing that helps you reduce your linen supply cost per case. We accurately track the soiled linens you turn in - and let you view those numbers in your online Customer Portal - then, we only bill you based on your usage.

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Vernon, NJ Healthcare Practices trust Dempsey.

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is a top-rated medical linen service and medical uniform rental company. We offer commercial laundry service for healthcare linen, spa linen, medical gowns, towel rentals and scrubs. We specialize in medical linen services for outpatient centers and clinics.

Dempsey's $18 million commercial laundry facility has received national recognition for its state-of-the art processing systems. From fresh, clean healthcare linens to stylish medical uniforms, healthcare facilities have never looked so good! Plus, practice managers are able to control their linen program and its costs like never before.

With Dempsey, you'll be able to concentrate on your patients while our service runs seamlessly in the background. Your medical linens will be clean and crisp. Your infection control program will be supported by our Hygienically Clean Certification. And, your billing will be based on your usage. Our innovative use of technology solves problems that healthcare providers have come to expect from other linen suppliers.

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Three reasons why top companies choose us...

Familiy Owned Business


We’ll treat you like one of the family.

Technology focused


Our Technology = Seamless Service

Excellent Reputation


Our excellent reputation is earned.

MEDtegrity Medical Laundry Network

Dempsey Uniform is an equity member of MEDtegrity.

The largest network of accredited laundry facilities, MEDtegrity provides medical centers across America with medical linen services that meet the highest standards for quality and infection control.

GPO members can leverage their collective buying power.

MEDtegrity contracts with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) to help healthcare providers like hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, and outpatient centers realize cost savings and workflow efficiencies.

National Accounts benefit from local service providers.

MEDtegrity contracts with large networks, joint ventures, and partnerships to provide national agreements that are serviced by locally-owned medical uniform and medical linen suppliers like Dempsey.

Vernon, New Jersey, offers a Beautiful, Rural Escape with Excellent Health Care Resources Close at Hand

In Vernon Township, nature’s splendor is the biggest attraction. Only an hour’s drive from New York City, it provides a nearby, welcome escape to what most would consider a rural, mountain/valley environment. Visitors pack their cars and leave the heat and bustle behind, eager for quiet spaces and some relaxation. More than a dozen lake communities have sprung up over the years, their residents eager to embrace lake living with its never-ending list of things to do. Locals enjoy swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, relaxing walks along the water’s edge, backyard wildlife, and – of course – the cameraderie and social nature inherent in most “small towns.” The township’s largest residential community, Great Gorge Village, was first built as a vacation resort but has since become a private holding, housing more than 1,350 units.

When you scan the Township’s history, it’s easy to see that back in 1972, the biggest hoopla of the time was the opening of the Great Gorge Playboy Club, Hugh Hefner’s attempt at resort development. The local business community was optimistic, not only about expanded entertainment and dining prospects that would attract more tourist dollars and spur economic growth in the region, but also about the many job opportunities. Unfortunately, the enterprise was not a success, and its 700 rooms, 27 hole golf course, restaurants, bars, and big-name entertainers failed to keep the operation profitable for even 10 years. Finally, it was sold and then resold to eventually become known as The Legends Resort and Country Club. Again, after another stumble, The Legends closed its doors and is still sitting in disrepair, awaiting its next glorious incarnation.

The hiking and scenic trails in Vernon are also a big tourism draw. The trail known as “Stairway to Heaven” is less than 3 miles long, but is one of the most rewarding hikes in an area reknowned for its quality and quantity of options. A trail up Mount Wawayanda features boulders to climb and waterfalls to admire. At the top, views of the surrounding mountains of the Kittatinny Range and Valleys make the area visually unique and quite breathtaking. Also located in the Township is a section of the Appalachian Trail, which – as a whole – stretches from Georgia to Maine and covers a total distance of 2,200 miles. The City of Newark even owns 5,400 acres in the township, just for its pristine watershed.

With everything Vernon Township offers, its primary medical services are actually located elsewhere in Sussex County. The nearby Newton Medical Center offers multiple services, from critical care to plastic surgery. Center physicians practice in 40 specialties, including emergency services, heart care, breast health, and behavioral health. In addition to being celebrated as a “Best Place to Work”, this integrated hospital system has earned numerous accolades from respected medical organizations. Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is proud to serve a wide range of medical and healthcare entities throughout Sussex County, the rest of New Jersey, and the Mid-Atlantic region.