Why Your Shop Needs an Automotive Workwear Service

Dempsey Uniform Automotive Workwear Service

Is it time to make the switch to a better way of handling your automotive workwear?

The grease-stained, weather-worn coverall has long been the iconic look for automotive shop employees and it’s impossible to imagine the industry without them. But while the uniforms are indispensable, the hassle and excess cost that come with their care and maintenance is not – and it might be time to consider hiring an automotive workwear rental service.

An automotive workwear rental service can benefit your business.

One thing that often stops auto shop owners from enrolling in uniform rental services is the cost. While it may seem like a logical fear, the benefits easily outweigh the cost, especially if the services are rendered by a reliable, experienced uniform service company.

  1. Access to better quality uniforms. Uniform rental services allow you easy access to a large range of automotive workwear. At Dempsey, the automotive workwear we offer has been carefully selected so we’re only providing the best of the best.
  2. Better, more convenient automotive workwear maintenance. The biggest benefit uniform rental services offer is convenient and high-quality care for your uniforms. With better facilities and better-equipped personnel, uniform service companies can offer you better results without the hassle of running your own laundry facility, thereby allowing you to focus more on running your business.
  3. Better cost-control. With better maintenance and inventory tracking systems, you can better guard your uniforms against losses and damages. This, and the money you save from not having to buy and maintain industrial laundry equipment, will bring you significant savings in the long run.

Choose a reliable automotive workwear service partner.

When it comes to uniform services, it’s essential to work only with a service company with the experience and reputation to go with the services and the facility. You need a company that actually knows how businesses work and how to best address the unique needs that come with each business.

You need a company like Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply! Dempsey has been in the business of helping auto shops of all sizes with all their uniform needs since 1959. We have a massive facility designed to deal with the most difficult of uniforms, ensuring topnotch quality results at every delivery.

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