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Choose Dempsey and enjoy three unique benefits:

Highest Quality Products and Processes

Dempsey’s commitment to cleanliness through third-party, quantified, biological testing and inspection is validated by TRSA™ Hygienically Clean Food Service Certification. This ensures the textiles we launder meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and best management practices. Inspectors verify our laundry practices, certify our plant’s operational flowchart, and make sure procedures are mapped and employees’ use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is documented. We invest in technologies to provide hygienically clean linen that helps protect the health and safety of guests and employees. Textiles are processed using highly advanced laundering equipment, inspected by the most tenured team in the business, and securely wrapped in plastic for delivery. This saves you time and money, and provides some much-needed peace of mind.

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Most Reliable Deliveries

We understand that linen shortages can really slow your restaurant down, frustrating employees and affecting your restaurant’s image.

To increase your restaurant’s efficiency, we leverage technologies, like our VacuTrack™ and MobileLink™ systems, to make complete deliveries on your scheduled delivery day. We accurately track the soiled linens you turn in, maintain deep inventories of the products you use, and route our trucks with GPS precision to make sure your delivery is on schedule.

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Lowest Total Cost

Invoices from other restaurant linen suppliers can be frustrating. They may not even tell you how many linens you’re using.

At Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, we harness technologies, like our VacuTrack™, CustomerPortal, and SilverSaver™ systems, to provide you with knowledge and insight via an online Customer Portal. This proprietary interface enables you to view and adjust your orders to control the total cost. We only bill you based on usage, plus, when employees leave flatware in your soil bags, we collect and return it to you at no additional cost.

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Flemington, NJ Restaurants trust us to help them look good.

Not all linen companies are created equally. Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is a top-rated restaurant linen services company. We offer restaurant linen rentals, linen services, and towel services to fine dining, cafés, country clubs, and food service companies.

Dempsey's $18 million commercial laundry service facility has received national recognition for its state-of-the art processing systems. From basic kitchen towels to colorful bib aprons to high quality tablecloths, restaurants have never looked so good! Plus, business owners are able to control their linen program and its cost like never before.

With Dempsey, you'll be able to concentrate on your customers and employees while our service runs seamlessly in the background. Your restaurant linens will be clean and crisp. Your delivery will be on-time and complete. And your billing will be based on your usage. Our innovative use of technology solves problems that restaurants have come to expect from other linen suppliers.

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Food service industry publications
Food service industry publications

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Originally inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Native Americans, Flemington’s acquisition was part of William Penn’s historic land deal. Favorable farming conditions brought German and English settlers to the region, confident in their ability to work the land and provide for their families. Their resourcefulness and hard work laid the foundation for what is still a remarkably productive and relevant farming community. Farmers ply their wares at numerous markets, both at the height of harvest season and all year long.

The Hunterdon Land Trust Farmers’ Market, typically open from May through November, offers grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, fresh eggs, cheese, fresh and dried herbs, and an amazing assortment of baked goods and seasonal produce. The Stangl Factory is an indoor, year-round farmers’ market where more than 30 artisanal vendors display locally-sourced vegetables, meats, artisan breads, pastured eggs, prepared foods, and a myriad of handmade craft items.

Schaefer Farms has been home to four generations of working farmers. Their popular farm stand offers a variety of dairy products, farm-fresh eggs, candy, jams, honey, and their proprietary soy blend candles, available in more than 100 scents. Year-round activities include the Spring Easter Egg Hunt and the Fall Hayride extravaganza.

Thursday through Saturday, visitors flock to the Dutch Country Farmers Market, a year-round, indoor market where the Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, sell home-style comfort foods, sweet treats and produce.

Easy access to these handmade artisan foods, just-picked produce, and plentiful dairy products has provided inspiration for Flemington‘s most creative chefs and restauranteurs. Many local restaurants heavily promote the fact that they source locally grown ingredients, and offer menus featuring diverse cuisine and surprisingly high-end culinary creations.

At Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, our commitment to supporting restauranteurs and hospitality organizations has been recognized in Restaurant Facility Business Magazine, Foodservice Monthly, and The Washingtonian. We offer restaurant linen rental services to a broad range of clients in the Flemington region and throughout New Jersey.