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“Dempsey has good employees. Jim and Ethan always take good care of us.”

R Bar & Grill
Nanticoke, PA

“Our Dempsey representative, Wendy, is always smiling. She’s very kind and always friendly.”

Cole’s Hardware
Mt. Carmel, PA

“I’ve had 2 other companies try to come in since I’ve been here. I’m extremely satisfied with Dempsey. I don’t think the others could compete. Our driver is amazing, and the girls in the office are amazing. I have already recommended Dempsey to other businesses.”

Elmhurst Country Club
Moscow, PA

“The people from Dempsey are very professional. Our route driver is really nice. I’m happy with their service and products.”

Aman’s Indian Bistro
Phoenixville, PA

“We’re very happy with Dempsey. Mark, our representative, hooked us up pretty well. He’s really great. They are pretty quick to respond and I’ve already recommended them to others.”

Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad
Port Clinton, PA

“Our Dempsey driver, Jason, is perfect. He’s always kind and quite. Sometimes I am angry, and he is always good. He’s on time and does not spend too much time doing his job. I would recommend Dempsey.”

Istanbul Grill
Dallas, PA

“I refer Dempsey to everybody. Peter, our route representative, is excellent. It’s his personality. He goes above and beyond to make sure we’re satisfied.”

KRP Performance
Ogdensburg, NJ

“I have often recommended Dempsey. Whenever we need them, they are right there for us. Adam, our driver, takes his time and doesn’t rush in and out. He is very good and very nice.”

Danley Hotel
Sunbury, PA

“Dempsey’s service is tremendous. I haven’t had any problems. They’re a great company.”

Ashley’s Signature Restaurant
Easton, PA

“Cody, is our Dempsey driver, and he does a great job. We really don’t have many problems.”

Reagent Chemical
Coal Township, PA

“As long as Chris, our Dempsey representative, keeps coming, we’ll stay. He’s the best. Mike used to be our driver, and he was great too. We’re very happy with our service.”

Bagel Junction
White House Station, NJ

“I would recommend anybody to Dempsey. I have the best driver, bar none. He’s delivered for me for 20 years and has a little foresight. You can’t get much better than that.”

Drake’s Auto
Sugar Notch, PA

“I’ve been with Dempsey since 1984. We are a 34 year customer with no issues. Mark, our driver, is a good guy. There’s never been any issues, they do their jobs.”

Januzzi’s Pizza
Mountain Top, PA

“Dempsey does a good job of washing and cleaning the products. Our representative is great.”

New York, NY

“We’re very happy with Dempsey. I am very happy with Jason, our route representative. When he comes here, he’s very polite and very friendly.”

Krisa & Krisa, P.C.
Blakely, PA

“Wendy, our Dempsey route representative, is very professional and helps us out. She’s very friendly and always asks if everything is okay. When we get our garments back, they are clean and any repairs are done. ”

Mahanoy City Borough
Mahanoy City, PA

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Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is a top-rated restaurant linen services company.

Our $18 million commercial laundry service facility has received national recognition for its state-of-the art processing systems. Innovative use of technology solves problems that restaurants have come to expect from other linen suppliers.

Our Advanced Systems give you a competitive advantage:

Dempsey Uniform is a highly respected industry leader.

Dempsey respected by industry leaders
Dempsey Respected By Industry Leaders