How to Check Fabric Quality

Dempsey Check Fabric Quality

When it comes to renting garments and linens, the quality of the fabric matters. Everything from the durability of the garments to how they look depends on the integrity of that fabric. In short, your garments and linens are only as good as what they are made of.

But, exactly how can you tell when items are made of quality fabric? Here’s how…

Different Fabrics, Different Standards

One of the first things to understand about checking fabric quality is knowing that different types of fabrics present different characteristics – and therefore the standards apply differently to each. For instance, you cannot expect similar smoothness between a 100% cotton fabric and a fabric made of blended materials. The differences do not mean one is automatically the better option.

Things to Look Out for in Fabrics

Despite the obvious differences, there are certain telltale signs of quality – no matter the material. Here are just a few:

Fiber Weave. High-quality fabrics feature fibers that are closely and tightly woven together. There should be no obvious gaps between fibers as that’s often an indication of weakness in the fiber quality. These fabrics can tear easily. High quality fabrics have a more well-balanced combination of vertical and horizontal weaves, which make for a stronger fabric surface.

Color. A good quality fabric should have a dye job to match. Look out for unevenness in tone throughout the surface of the fabric. There should be no streaks or spots. Test fabrics for color fastness as well.

Thread Count. This refers to the number of thread strands per inch. A higher thread count means the fabric is tighter and more durable.

Finish. The overall finish of your fabric should show no uneven weaves, unusual creases, or stretching in the corners.

Tips on Choosing Garments and Linens

When it comes to choosing garments or linens for your business, here are three things to keep in mind:

Price. Quality comes with a price, and more often than not, unusually cheap items are an indication that corners have been cut when it comes to either the material or the labor (or both). The price point should match the item in appearance and quality.

Finished Product. High quality linens and apparel have a distinct appearance. The seams should be well sewn. The buttons should be clean and even.

Source. Linens and garments are no cheap investment, so make sure to get your items only from a reliable contractor. Pick a contractor that has years of expertise and experience in the industry. Your contractor should be able to explain the material and manufacture of each item with confidence. Work with a company, like Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, that has an excellent reputation amongst its peers in the industry and with their clientele.

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