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Generations of Family Ownership…

Meet PJ Dempsey

As the President of Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, PJ establishes the company’s strategic vision, and drives operational excellence in our facilities and in the field. His strong focus on employee satisfaction and retention has created a team of dedicated associates who are equally driven to satisfy and retain our customers. Prior to assuming his leadership role, PJ had trained extensively in all areas of the operation, and had personally opened two of our facilities.

PJ serves on the Board of Directors of the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) and on the Supplier Relations Committee of the CSC Network, the association of independent laundries. He earned his B.S. from Lehigh University and an M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University. PJ and his wife Kristen are the parents of four young boys.

PJ Dempsey, President

PJ Dempsey, President

Meet Kristin Dempsey

As the Vice President of Dempsey, Kristin heads up strategic planning and manages implementation of the company’s sales and marketing efforts. She has trained in all areas of Dempsey’s operation, including spending a year in route service, and serving as the General Manager of our Sunbury, PA facility.

In addition to serving on the uniform industry’s National Board, she is active on various marketing committees. Kristin earned her B.S. in Engineering from Princeton University. She and her husband Tom are the parents of two young girls.

Kristin Dempsey

Kristin Dempsey

Meet Pat Dempsey

Pat is the Co-Founder of Dempsey and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board. In 1959, Pat and his brother, Dick Dempsey, started out with just five employees in Dunmore, PA. In the decades to follow, their company would evolve into a proving ground for a variety of innovations in laundry technology. Pat’s unwavering dedication has positioned Dempsey as the industry leader in product quality.

The recipient of the textile rental industry’s highest honor, the “TRSA Lifetime Achievement Award”, Pat holds a B.S. in engineering from Lehigh University. He and Karen, his wife for more than 50 years of marriage, are the parents of six and grandparents of fourteen, all of whom join them for dinner every Sunday night.

PJ Dempsey, President

Patrick J. Dempsey, Sr.

Your confidence in us is well placed.

Two years in a row, Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply was named one of the “Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania”. High levels of employee satisfaction have led to increased customer satisfaction, a development that has fueled our growth. Since its founding, Dempsey has become a leading uniform and linen supplier, servicing six states in the Mid-Atlantic region. Dempsey has been designated one of the “Top 40 Fastest Growing Businesses” in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Dempsey Service Area

An innovator in our industry, Dempsey has always invested in the most opportune technologies. In our market, we were the first rental company to utilize handheld computers. We are among a select few organizations that employ automated linen inventory tracking. Plus, we are the ONLY one using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips to improve uniform tracking. Dempsey is committed to leveraging technologies that control our customers’ costs and enhance their service experience.

Work with cutting edge technology

Over the past five years, Dempsey has enjoyed rapid growth, the result of thoughtful planning and execution by our highly experienced management team. Strong banking relationships that fostered a series of five strategic acquisitions have allowed us to welcome hundreds of new customers and enhance existing relationships. As a member of the CSC Network, the nation’s largest alliance of independent launderers, Dempsey enjoys unsurpassed buying power and access to key benchmark metrics.

CSC Network

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is committed to environmental stewardship and the conservation of the earth’s natural resources. Our goals include reducing the direct and indirect impact of our company through leadership by example, recycling textiles and conserving resources wherever possible. While working to achieve these goals, Dempsey has emerged as a leading influencer in both the textile rental industry and our local community. View more information about our sustainable practices.

Clean Green TSRA Certified

The uniform and linen supply business is about more than delivering products. It’s about delivering on promises, which is exactly what Dempsey has done since 1959. Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is a local, independent supplier with active, family ownership. As independent market research has proven, independently-owned textile rental companies outperform the national chains in the areas of fair billing, product quality, service, personnel, and value for cost.

Continuing a legacy of service

Founded in 1959 by brothers Patrick and Richard Dempsey, Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply was a logical outgrowth of their father’s towel and coverall supply business, established thirty-six years earlier. Today, Patrick’s son, PJ, and his daughter, Kristin, lead the company.

Dempsey Uniform is a highly respected industry leader.

Dempsey respected by industry leaders
Dempsey Respected By Industry Leaders