5 Ways to Punch Up Your Dining Room

A new year is a perfect time to make some subtle – or dramatic – changes to your restaurant. When it’s time to transition away from the holiday centerpieces and special menu items you’ve added for the season, why not introduce your patrons to the “new you” with a dining room redesign or just a few new splashes of color and style.

If you’re thinking of making a change, but you’re not sure where to start, consider these tips.

1. Assess the angles.

Take a seat at every table in your dining room. Walk around the room during peak capacity time. Are there spots that seem too tight for patrons and wait staff to navigate? Are any of the tables too close together? Do the hosts say there’s always a longer wait time for empty two-seaters than for four-tops? Remember, a dining room needs to put function before style, so change what’s necessary to make sure the bones and the flow of the operation are in great shape.

2. Add flair with fabrics.

Take a look at the window treatments in the dining room. If they’ve been up for longer than a year, even with regular cleanings, they probably need to be replaced with something that hasn’t faded. Also, address the table linens! A new color scheme for tablecloths, chargers, and napkins can instantly liven up a dining room that’s become stale and drab.

3. Check the lighting.

Are patrons squinting to read the menus by the candlelight you were sure would set just the right mood? Are they wilting under the harsh glare of overhead fluorescents? Inventory the lighting situation and adjust it as needed to make sure your guests will be relaxed – but can still read.

4. Dress up the help.

Your servers, bartenders, and kitchen staffers are the faces of your business, so make sure they present a professional, clean, uniform look by providing new bistro aprons for servers and new chef coats and cook shirts for kitchen staff. Giving your employees a bit of a makeover will make them feel valued and add a touch of sophistication to the room.

5. Don’t forget the front door.

Make the best first impression with new logo mats that introduce your restaurant’s style and class the moment patrons walk in the door. And while you’re at it, refresh your staff’s tired legs with anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen and behind the bar. Their smiles will dress up any dining room.

Spending time assessing these key areas of your dining room can change the whole vibe and give your business a jump on the competition.

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