In 2019, Dempsey Celebrates 60 Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it?

Dempsey is celebrating our 60th year in 2019, and we are proud and thankful for everything we have achieved as a family and as a company! Our network of clients who have become family and friends to us over the years have all been so delightful and supportive, and we would not have accomplished anything without everyone who stood by us through the highs, lows, and obstacles of the last six decades.

A look back on what we have achieved in the last 60 years

Even more than the challenges we have overcome, we are so proud of every milestone we have reached:

Environmental leadership.

We are proof the laundry industry need not be an enemy of the environment. In the last few years, we have succeeded in heralding a new age of environmentally-friendly laundry practices. In 2009, for instance, Dempsey won the Green Powerhouse Award from the Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal in recognition of our efforts to make our practice sustainable through energy and water conservation as well as recycling. In February 2012, Dempsey received TRSA’s Clean Green Laundry Certification, the first-ever U.S. company to have received such honor. We have since been consistently recognized and emulated for our successful endeavors in the field of environmentally-friendly, sustainable laundry practices.

Expanding network.

Dempsey grows its business both from the inside and the outside, a feat that we continually strive hard to achieve. We are not only a company that has been hailed as among the fastest-growing businesses in our area of operations; we are also among the best places to work in Pennsylvania.

Financial strength.

Through excellent management, strong banking relationships, and better customer service, Dempsey has experienced rapid financial growth that is a testament to our strength and reliability as a business.

Improvement of our facilities.

Dempsey believes in the power of innovation and the indispensability of constant improvement. That is why we put all our bets on giving you the best results through our high-tech facility. Our state-of-the-art plants allow us to give you service that is as convenient as it is efficient, guaranteeing on-time delivery of items that satisfy even your highest quality standards.

Our 60th Anniversary Promise

As we celebrate this milestone in our service, we at Dempsey make a solemn assurance that we will strive even harder to continually improve every aspect of our service, to build bigger, better and stronger relationships with our stakeholders and client network, and to never stop working with excellence in the way we deliver our services!

Our success is your success and we revel in this milestone with every one of you. Thank you for your continuous patronage – cheers to 60 more years of partnership!