Available in a variety of colors

A good first impression can turn a curious diner into a life-long patron. Crisp, clean, cloth Napkins are a tangible reflection of your commitment to quality. Enhance your décor by color coordinating napkins with tablecloths, or, for a designer touch, mix and match for a beautiful, well-appointed table setting.

• Square cuts
• Hemmed edges
• Spun poly material
• Absorbs moisture and spills, retains consistent colors, and releases stains in wash
• Professionally cleaned and pressed to improve your image

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How a Restaurant Linen Rental Service Works

You’ll have what you need, when you need it. No more purchasing or laundering headaches.

With a rental program, Dempsey purchases, stocks, launders, mends and replaces your linens and uniforms automatically. Service is scheduled for the same days each week and a professional route person monitors your needs. Renting from Dempsey is a convenient, cost-effective way to outsource a time-consuming task so you can focus on your guests.

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Our Restaurant Linen System delivers three unique benefits:

  • The highest quality products
  • The most reliable deliveries
  • The lowest total cost

Dempsey Certified Hygienically Clean Food Service Dempsey is a Certified Hygienically Clean Laundry.

  • Certified by TRSA
  • Requires third-party, quantified biological testing and inspection
  • Use of PPE is documented

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply is a top-rated restaurant linen service company.

Our $18 million commercial laundry service facility has received national recognition for its state-of-the-art processing systems.