The COVID-19 situation is continuing to evolve. We understand this is of great concern to everyone and have set up a this dedicated web page to share updates. We also offer numerous COVID-19 resources to help you protect your employees and customers.

For our Employees:

First and foremost, our employees’ safety comes first. If we cannot safely care for our employees, they cannot take care of our customers. As such, we are taking preventive measures to keep our facilities clean and maintain a healthy working environment.

  • We have increased daily housekeeping cleaning operations, sanitizing high-touch, high-traffic areas at least 2x daily.
  • We have made additional hand sanitizing areas available for our employees, and are making sure each employee has any Personal Protective Equipment needed to safely perform their tasks.
  • We have provided additional safety training for all employees on the proper handling of potentially contaminated products.
  • We are requiring any employee experiencing flu or COVID-19 like symptoms to stay home.


For our Customers:

As a Hygienically Clean Certified Commercial Laundry, Dempsey is Uniquely Qualified to Deal With Situations Like COVID-19. This certification demonstrates Dempsey’s commitment to best practices in laundering, verified by inspection and quarterly testing, to ensure our wash chemistry and processes are producing hygienically clean linens and garments for use in hospitality, healthcare, and food/beverage industries. For more information, visit To view additional practices we have implemented, as recommended by the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA), visit   We Have Implemented Additional Safety Practices:

  • Enhanced sanitation procedures for all plant and route service employees
  • Laundry carts are sanitized following each use
  • Laundry carts are lined with single-use plastic
  • Laundry carts with clean product for delivery are wrapped in plastic
  • Route delivery vehicles are sanitized daily

For Businesses That Need To Close Or Are Forced To Temporarily Close, Dempsey Is Offering FREE SUSPENSION OF SERVICE For The Facilities. Please contact our office if you need this option.

  • Arrangements must be made in writing
  • It is critical that any soiled linen be removed from your facility before closing, particularly if grease is involved (due to the risk of spontaneous combustion)

Dempsey highly values our employees and customers. We are in this situation together and we will do everything possible to mitigate the impact. We will watch what is happening locally and nationally, and adjust our operations as needed. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to continue to service our customers in a clean and safe way while also providing a healthy environment for our associates and communities. If you have questions, please call 1-800-378-8060.